they will not learn their lesson from a teachers copy of a blackened lung, hung in the classroom, on the coat rack...

Just kidding. My extended strep test came back positive. Good old strep. Sorry Angie, I'm having an affair with penicilin.

Do you know what I wish I was having an affair with? Playing guitar. I miss the days when I squandered my time playing World of Warcraft, and now I almost skip class just to go home and jam. Seriously.

Speaking of video games, Fable 2 comes out in two weeks, but only on the XBox 360. That system looks better and better everyday. At this point, though, I might as well wait for the next round of systems to come out so that I can stop being always the last kid on the block to get something.

That's the problem with software vs. hardware. In the software development cycle, there's a distinct period where you provide support for your product, before simply moving on to the next version. Sometimes, companies even manage to do the two concurrently, something Sony and Microsoft can't seem to grasp. Even the phrase "to be supported" implies something different from what you'd expect in this industry -- being supported means developers are releasing games for the platform, rather than the platform's owners maintaining it. Hell, with the rrofd in 360s, you could question the original distribution, much less the shitty job they did of providing service to their customers. This is an industry where customer loyalty cannot be bought and sold -- it can only be acquired by having the prettiest bling. Would Apple get away with not maintaining their OS? No. Microsoft gets away with it by some unfathomable virtue -- maybe being the biggest assholes in the customer service ring actually helps you.

Like how the moth gives of itself under the bulb

Sorry guys, I definitely missed the poetry update. That's what happens when you're passed out for most of the day. I went to the doctor yesterday morning and they told me I just had a virus, so I went home, drank a glass of water and took a 4 hour nap. That was pretty much my entire day yesterday; oh, that and listening to another 6 or so minutes of Chinese and writing it down, and doing it while mixing Claritin, Advil and Cabernet Sauvignon. So without further hubbub and to-do, here's the update for Dichter des Donnerstags:

Hands slack at sides.
My shoulders are in my ears,
So I drop them inches.
Last week’s sweat. Sensei.

Hands up, relaxed,
If they were anymore cat-like they’d have whiskers, I swear.
Foot shuffle forward comes from hips,
Like the darkened snowfall out the steamy window.
Hand snaps out
Fingers grasp cloth, grasp shirt,
Push in close,
Right leg snaps around
Left leg push left hand pull

The was trying to really channel what it was like to be there, I think I managed to get that, but I dunno, since ... well, I was there.