So I'm going to be trying something new. Specifically, a sonnet crown. That's http://sprawledoutinthewayofthesun.blogspot.com/ for reference.

Yes, I am crazy.

All you can do is dive

Blogging is like a journal replacement for me. It means that almost everything I put in my journals is a poem, a short piece of writing, a drawing or an idea. I like that it's more concentrated, but I also have trouble remembering things that I want to blog about throughout the day. Maybe I'll start jotting it down, and you'll have really strange blog posts to read; I could also then choose which topic to talk about, and if I had nothing to say one day, I could go back to unused topics. That may work.

Time is creeping up on me, in terms of deciding what to do this summer. I have until Friday to tell the U whether or not I'm joining their program, and I have a telephone interview for another opportunity this week as well. And Shilad is still trying to forcefully recruit me for poliwiki. =P It's too bad I live off-campus, because 10 weeks of free campus housing would be really good for me if I didn't have a place already.

I haven't really written for a while, but I think that it was just because I was on spring break and I don't really write about things like, "i went to my buddy's house and played gears of war, i could have walked home but i slept on the floor". Like, wtf? I was sort of worried this morning that I was blocked a little, but I managed to work around it after class somehow. I really like the poems I wrote, but we'll see if they stand up later.

School's started up again, classes were easy today. I have a late midterm on Friday, just double and triple derivatives and integrals, so no biggie, but other than that not much due this week. Next week I will for sure have an OS homework assignment due, which I'll probably blog about another time, and it's looking like I'll have to finish an entire Digital Electronics assignment this weekend too, as I'm heading to Virginia next week. Also, on the subject of Digi, I got a perfect on that midterm I was worried about. :)

Shadowrun recap tonight or tomorrow morning.