I saw taillights last night in a dream about my whole life

Weekend! I've got evening plans, but not day plans, which will be nice. I like it that way. I've got a couple of ideas for things to do this weekend, but I'm not sure what it'll end up being. Anyways, here's some:

  • Practicing stuff for open mic on Saturday. This should probably happen...
  • Cruising around MPLS on bike and photographing good graffiti. :D
  • Sitting in a coffeeshop writing. :D :D
  • Uploading all the pictures I'll be taking this weekend. I'm taking on the role of historian.
  • Grocery shopping. Checking out the Dale/Selby coop. Randolph is closing. :(
  • Rolling down to the central library to get my card renewed and pay my $15.00 fine from senior year of highschool. :p THINK OF THE BOOKS
In other news, I'm 9.5 hours back into Resident Evil 4. I'd forgotten how awesome that game is, and I'm remembering now. I just unlocked the area leading to the second boss, so I'll be done with the Castle soon, and then I can move onto killing zombie commandos. No, I'm not kidding. I sort of wish I was... at least to save myself from their fucking stun batons. -.-

As for night plans, I'm going to Highland Fest for a little bit tonight, mostly just to take pictures of friends, Saturday evening is an open mic and Sunday there's a little get together at a friend's apartment for board games and beers.

I should probably glance at work as well... but I really don't want to. I'll talk about it later in the weekend, but it's just a frustrating bug I have to deal with because no one else will.

EDIT: Things I did