you're way, you're way, you're way, you're way, you're way, you're way too goner for that

Martin posted something, and I realized I had a lot to say about it. This was my comment on the page, followed by some more thoughts.

"I know what he's saying. I know what you're saying. If you've ever heard of the Romantic movement, or Romanticism, or die Romantik or some shit like that, that's what this is about -- making real shit to make it, striving, creating, doing, because that's what makes us human. Without this, we are dead, as nothing -- according to Herder, we strive our entire lives in order to become human only at the end, when we have been all we can be. "cogito ergo sum" my ass, "volo ergo sum" is the diy ethos, only two hundred years ago and in Latin.

I think we're on the same page with why we make some noise, no?"

You have to be willing to throw yourself into everything, to try and become everything. That's the only reason I survive at college, because I'm here, so I try my hardest to invest my self in my work, and my classes and eventually it works and I'm invested without trying. That's the reason I have been so messed up this semester, so depressed at times, so bi-polar: variety and change are not the spices of life - they are life. Without change, without excitement, without challenge or energy or enjoyment, there is only boredom, and boredom is death. Stale is death. Silence is death. Open your mouth and let your voice be heard because there is only one you, because as far as I can tell we've only got one shot, but really, because you must in order to be alive.

This is why I listen to cathartic music, this is why I can't find time to exercise, because I'm too busy using my energy in living, creating, breathing in the only way that I can: by making some fucking noise, even if it's quiet.

So drop a couple bombs. Strike quick and leave some paint behind. Stir up trouble. Wake people up. Quit dying quietly. Quit stopping starting. Write. Draw. Create. Love. Imagine. Collaborate. Hug your mom. Make people remember what it is they're missing out on. People have forgotten how to live -- it's our job to show them how far they've fallen, so they can get back up.

Fall down 7 times, stand up eight. DIYMF.