Bumming around

Waiting to go to my friend Vinny's house for a Shadowrun game. Should be sweet. Merge sort haunts me; I got it working with threads, yay! Now I have to implement a lock and a global variable to control how many threads are out there. So...only a little bit of coding and a LOT of debugging away. I'm trying to get ahead in homework for this week so that I have to do as little as possible while my girlfriend is here. Still, I think she might just see that my life here is all homework, and very little else. Like, sure I'm going to Vinny's this afternoon, but I'm also bringing along English reading and my Digital Electronics textbook to get my boolean logic homework done. I mean....

Also, although it's cool that when you search for "merge left wikipedia" the first result on google is merge sort @ wikipedia, I kind of wanted to not deal with that today.

Poem? Yeah, let's put a poem up. This is the "rebel sonnet" (see earlier post if you're confused) that I actually turned in. I'm not satisfied with the other other one yet. Perhaps later. Anyway, Blue-Black Bell by That One Famous Poet:

my subject
is Death. it rings blue
in reflection, some object
split into bite-sized pieces for this stew
my sometimes-mine lover is
making. she's alright.
beauty truly is not all there is,
and there is truth in this sweet repose of endless black night...
Death's faceω haunts me. it's true, i'm uninspired
by the women in my life, and fully willing to discuss my own
surely impending death – after all, life is just a journey from placenta to pyre
and who are we to doubt the soft feel of life's nightgown?
can we truly question a life torn from blackened ember?
when the blue-black bell for my last hour tolls, i wish to be thinking of Her.

ωThe concept of Death can be pretty scary, but
Gaiman told me she's quite a babe.