Day Three: Jaded and Day Four: Missing

Yesterday was a weird day. I was out of it. I realized I had been out of it for a while. I feel the most real when I'm eating dinner. It's getting better. But still, off putting. My emotions are all just mixed around, blended. One sour smoothie.

Workout: Too sad and lonely to work out. Really. I'm not kidding. I failed to send a package and that was just the last straw and I sat at home the rest of the night on my computer.
Breakfast: Cheerios, milk. Breakfast of champions. Ok, breakfast of me. I'm a champion.
Lunch: Dried mango. Delicious, and still so oddly mango-y.
Dinner: Chili. No surprise there. Still good the next day.
Snack: Fig Newtons. ::lovestruck::
Cups of coffee: 2
Cups of tea: 0

Today was a better day. I was up until almost 4 playing this silly game called "grow" on the internet. I got up at 8:30 --- ok, now I know where that Meat Tape punk song came to my brain from: Kidney Thief ---, showered, went to class, did pretty well. Multivariable is unfortunately pretty boring for right now, we're basically doing pre-calc again, except for 2 variable equations. Whatever. My other classes make up for it. I love being done with class at 1:00. I also love being done 1:00 Wednesdays until 9:40 on Friday. Awesome.

Workout: Decided to wait until tomorrow and do homework instead.
Breakfast: Cheerios, milk. Surprise surprise. I keep meaning to eat that last banana....
Snack: Dried mango.
Lunch: Chili.
Dinner: Chili. It's still really really good. I still have no problem eating it. It's just too delicious. I continue to love how it turned out.
Cups of coffee: 2
Cups of tea: 0

Probably more of one of those two, and a snack later. Yum yum.

Need blank DVDs. And drive. And emotion. I been stuck...ya'll have heard it. Regardless, somehow life isn't so easy right now. I can't stop rhyming. I need a beat.