And I see a new horizon or at least, I hope I do.

At 12:30 last night I went to go to bed, changed, flossed, and then got an idea for a poem. So... I was up until 2:30. XD But I like the poem...

Slam went pretty well on Saturday, I didn't place in the top 3, partly because I dropped my second poem (so sad...) and mostly because people just didn't like me as much, and I went second when people still grade harshly. Neil told them to "rate how much they liked the poem" which removes presentation from the score, which I think hurt me much more than other people with 2 page long chunks of text that they read straight from the paper. Meh. Same time next month. :P I'm ready.


I don't know. I'm lost in mine(d). Vacation! :) Quite a bit ahead of me. Oh, well.