i'm going to keep running until you say stop
and then i'm going to laugh
and fly away

i'll sleep when i'm dead.

Spring Break

This week is spring break round 2. I'm flying out at 5:20 Tuesday to visit my girlfriend in Virginia, and I'll be back Sunday at about 4-5:30. Enjoy your time alone. =P

I'll try and still update, but I don't know how likely that is to happen, you know? We'll see how I do.

My sonnet crown is eating my mind. I'm being enveloped in this sticky substance, closing around me like a honeycomb made of yesterday's toast until I

Ok, maybe not that bad. But still. Gaaggh. I wrote like 2 sonnets today and 2 other poems, and my brain is fried. So I'm going to shoot people in Halo. ::thumbs up::

Had Thistle today, and it was a short meeting, so I hung around talking to two people, Neil and Katie, for about an hour, which made me super late to office hours...but nobody was there when I got there, so... we'll see if I get any angry e-mails. Still, I got digits from the both of them, so... friends? :)

In dire news, my free internet disappeared, so I'm at a crossroads as to what to do. I can come to Mac and coffee shops whenever I need internet, which is going to be a problem if my computer is actually dying, or I can buy it. I really don't want to pay for internet. I shouldn't have to. St. Paul should have city-wide 802.11n. That's what I think.